Images Masking Services:


Masks are powerful features of Photoshop with which we removing the background from images. It is the process of separating an image from its background. There are three types of masks: Layer Masks, Clipping Masks and Channel Mask.

Layer Mask: A layer mask is something that we apply to a given layer to control the transparency of that layer. We can add a mask to a layer and use the mask to hide portions of the layer and reveal the layers. Masking layers is a valuable compositing technique for combining multiple photos into a single image or for removing a person or object from a photo.

Clipping Mask: Clipping masks are very similar to layer masks only use one layer to determine the transparency of another. A Clipping mask creates a sharp-edged shape on a layer and is useful anytime we want to add a design element with clean, defined edges.

Cast shadow add interest and dimension while anchoring an objects to a surface. Cast shadow opposite the light source. Light sources that shine down almost from directly above tend to create shorter shadows. Cast shadows contain the three separate pieces of information:i) The angle of the light beams ii)The shape of the object casting the shadow iii)The topography of the surface where the shadow is cast.

Channel Mask: Channel Mask is the powerful advanced masking technique. Masks are stored in alpha channels. Masks and channels are grayscale images, so we can edit them like any other image with painting tools, editing tools, and filters. Areas painted black on a mask are protected, and areas painted white are editable.

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